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MY STORAGE is committed to make your life simple and give you back the peace of mind you deserve. Our facility provides secure, convenient and cost effective storage solutions to meet all your storage needs. Households and small or large companies can all benefit from using MY STORAGE flexible storage services at Jungceylon Shopping Center in Patong, Phuket, Thailand.

MY STORAGE Self Storage offers Vehicle Storage

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If you need an extra garage, MY STORAGE is the right place.

MY STORAGE rents indoor vehicle spaces large and small, from motorcycle-sized units to ones that can hold jet skis, a small boat, car or truck.
Our premium units provide extensive security, drive-up access, are well-lit, fully fenced and allows you 24 hr access.

Our larger units feature 2,5 m wide roll up door and are 3,3 m wide times 6,1 m deep. You will most likely have extra room to store a few boxes or other miscellaneous items.

Why Store With Us?

Worried about keeping your vehicle in top shape?

MY STORAGE premium indoor storage units provide protection from the elements and eliminate the hazards of street parking ensuring that your investment is safe.

Tips About Long Term Vehicle Storage.

When you are leaving your vehicle for a long period of time, you need to take special precautions for your vehicle self storage. As your car is going to be idle during this long period, there is a high chance of breaking down. You will need to follow the guidelines below to prepare your car or motorcycle for storing.

Some of the important guidelines for your vehicle storing are described below.

• Make sure to add additive into the fuel and the engine should run for some time so that the entire fuel system gets filled up with fuel and additive.

• Fill the cooling system with coolant, to protect and lubricate the system from erosion. If you do not want to waste the coolant, you can mix it with water.

• Drain out the used engine oil and change it with fresh oil. Used engine oil builds up acid, which can create damage to the bearing and cause rust within the engine.

• For your long term vehicle parking, you have to fill up the brake and clutch cylinders to the full with fresh brake fluid. This will prevent rusting of the brake and clutch system.

• To keep the engine area free from rust, you can use lubricant spray to cover all metal surfaces. The spray will put a protective film over the bare parts of the engine.

• The vehicle should be washed and cleaned thoroughly. You can put a wax on the exterior wall of the car. This protective lining will prevent moisture and dirt to settle down on the surface of the car.

• In case of the convertible car storing, stretch the convertible top and leave it up with the windows closed. If it is kept folded for a long period of time, the convertible top will develop strong wrinkles. Closing the windows, you can prevent moisture and insects from entering inside car. You can also put dehumidifiers and insect repellants inside the car, to keep the interior climate free from moisture and insects.

• The boot of the car should be cleaned and dried properly. You should also put insect repellant and dehumidifier inside the boot.

• After all these preparations, drive your car at least for half an hour. This will dry the moisture within the engine and other parts of the car and fill all the lubricated parts with relevant lubrication.

• For the long term car parking purpose, park your car putting off the hand brake. The tires could be inflated to the respective limit, so that flat tire does not occur, in your absence.

• It is advisable to disconnect the battery and that it is keep safe and dry.

Contact MY STORAGE Self Storage to further discuss your storage needs.

Vehicle Storage
MY STORAGE Self Storage offers Vehicle Storage
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